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Blood on The Hills Background

British-born djindacut was created by Cameron Ahmad, a gifted musician living in Crawley, West Sussex, a town between London and Brighton.

He comes from a family with a bloodline of musicians who founded Blood On The Hills in late 2020. Inspired by music and making trap beats on FL Studio, the name evolved from 808 Mafia’s very own member Pyrex Whippa’s project “Blood On The Hills”, Published on the 20th of October 2020. 

Blood On The Hills stems from a mixture of Asian, American, and subcultures. 

Blood on The Hills – The Brand 

It exhibits an appreciation for urban music and draws inspiration from producers and artists using clothing as its identity. 

Blood On The Hills is a vision with real meaning and thought process behind every piece of clothing manufactured and sample made. 

The clothes manufactured by Blood On The Hills are unique; each and every line is designed with thought and passion with a flare to be different.

The brand is unique because you are unlikely to see anyone with the same item or brand name. What’s more, to retain the uniqueness of Blood on the Hills, they only produce a limited amount of each line as a policy.

So the likelihood of anyone wearing the same item is improbable. The material’s quality and durability are carefully considered before production as they impact the brand.     


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